Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fake news is alive and well in the waning days of Obama's occupation of the White House

I want to see if I've got this right, dear reader. The torture of some worthless raghead jihadists in Abu Ghraib was in the headlines everywhere as the most evil thing that the U.S. military had done since the Tet Offensive or assisting Britain in bombing the bejesus out of Dresden. Just awful, soul-sapping stuff, y'know? We Americans could never live that one down. We know this was a massive human rights fiasco because the usual suspects who judge such things—the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International—told us so.
The torture of a young mentally disabled white man by four mindless thugs appeared in the news on a fractional basis only and the media was desperately trying to cover it up and put their typical spin on it. And when I say "typical spin," you know that it is as far removed from unbiased journalistic integrity as you can get, right? Does Amnesty International have any comment on this? I thought not.
Anyhoo, some hack called Don Lemon opined on air that he didn't consider what the four yout's put the disabled chap through to be evil. It was just "bad home training," don't you know. As if they're wayward puppies, though I do have to say that I'm surprised their crackhead mothers—let's not even pretend they had stay-at-home fathers—took the time to toilet train them. To Lemon's point, that's probably the best home training they had ever received. Oops, there I go being judgmental again. How dare I?
First of all, why we even stop to regard these anchors and reporters or whatever they're supposed to be with as much time and consideration as we do is beyond me. I could never give a stuff about Don Lemon. I know that being both gay and black is a huge plus in the media and therefore an instant elevator to having you narrate the goings-on of the latest riot that the "news" corporation you work for helped to foment. I'm not big on identity politics though, so again, give me a reason to care about his tequila-swilling ass, please.
On New Year's Eve, Lemon was live on the air, supposedly working for his unproportionate fame, and he was telling the Clinton News Network viewers—and shame on them, incidentally, for providing the ratings—between hiccups that he might be in a relationship again and he's going to have some personal new year's resolutions and blah-de-blah. Don Lemon—or should we refer to you as "Don Lime" henceforth, as Texas talk-show host Chris Salcedo suggests?—let me be frank: You could walk off a cliff tomorrow and the only way I'd know about it is because talk-show hosts would be citing it as if it meant anything to we the listeners' lives. Honestly, I would not care one iota.

I'm Don Lemon. I'm a superstar because I'm gay and black and am oh-so-concerned about "fake news"

It's the same deal with Kelly Megyn. Or Megyn Kelly. Which is it? Damned if I know. The bint is "Me-Again Kelly," as far as I'm concerned. Again, I have no idea why I'm expected to care about her to any measurable degree—which, rest assured, I do not—but surely her true colors have come out now? She was a conservative to advance her career at FOX. Roger Ailes wanted her to flick her hair and pout for the camera and she did like the good little filly that she is.
Once Kelly started letting her own mind, inasmuch as she possesses one, take over, it is obvious where she stood: Pro-Hillary Clinton and anti-"deplorables". She could have no further career at FOX, the presence of Shepard Smith be damned. The moment she called the hacks at NBC News, her new home, "journalists" and said she had great respect for them, I knew I had the ultimate confirmation of her Leftie credentials that I'd been fuming about for a year to date. Yet there are still some people that will remain loyal observers and follow her tail anywhere. Well, if they want to waste their lives like that, let them. Just goes to show the hypnotic power of good female legs for men and some nebulous embrace of girl-power for women, I guess.

Megyn Kelly's legs have great respect for the "journalists" at NBC. Or would that be the other way around?

One of the more troubling aspects of British life, that has now started to trickle down into American life, is the building up of people only to tear them down later. It's like a bloodless form of throwing miscreants to the lions, the sporting event that so delighted the Roman citizenry. It used to be that you'd say it reflects badly on the Brits because their misplaced affection for socialism meant that they had no respect for success outside of government. That is still true to a certain extent—and no wonder that trend has taken off in Obama-nation.
However, I'm beginning to realize that there is an upside to it. We build up people, who have no business being celebrities in the first place, and we tear them down when they overstep the line. Like Lily Allen and Gary Lineker, here in Britain, who think that just because they're household names that they can lecture the British people about our responsibility to those precious migrants pouring into Europe—you know, those hordes of stout-hearted young men who burn churches and shout "allahu akbar" while looking for women to sexually harass and accost? I do feel that a slapdown, which is what so many of these entertainers, be they singers, musicians, actors or newspeople deserve, is entirely merited.
How am I to have any faith in these people when they cluck about "fake news," but present "hands up, don't shoot" as if it actually happened? When they told us that Hillary Clinton was up by twelve points with a month left to go before the election and there was no way Donald Trump could win? When they routinely sweep stories that defy their childish narrative of "it's not fair" under the rug and willingly embrace the creation of a Ministry of Truth so that anyone who dares not to be a moonbat can be silenced and prosecuted for challenging the portrait painted by the powers-that-be? First Amendment? LOL, what First Amendment?
This media covered every single instance of made-up "hate crimes" committed by people who, golly gee, just happened to be obvious Trump supporters. And have we got an apology from Don Lemon or Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper or Brian Williams or any other brilliant apparatchik "reporter" for any of this truly fake news? The hell we have!
Some dumbass YouTube user claimed he was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight because complaints were raised by fellow passengers that he was speaking Arabic. Oh the horror! You were an obvious racist if "news" of that did not enrage you and ruin your day and whereupon being notified of it, you did not immediately search for the nearest thobe-wearing, dark-bearded individual you saw, of which there is absolutely no shortage in the Western world today, and exclaim rapturously, "My brother, my fellow world citizen, have you heard about the bigoted indiginities suffered by brother Adam Saleh?!"
In the words of Oliver Darcy writing in The UK Business Insider:
Many outlets, however, negated to note an important fact: The individual in question was a YouTube prankster known for pulling similar viral stunts. Only after the prankster's claims were disseminated across all corners of the internet did his past enter the picture in a meaningful way. Delta eventually denied his claim.
How about the media adopting the line that Trump is anti-Semitic even though his son-in-law, Jared Kushner is an Orthodox Jew, his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry him and that his grandchildren from this marriage are Jewish? How about the fact that Donald Trump's White House will feature a kosher kitchen? Ignore all that. He's anti-Semitic because Steve Bannon is his chief strategist and senior counselor, even though there's no evidence of any anti-Semitism on Bannon's part either.
Is this "fake news" enough for you yet?
This same media that is so concerned about Jews—which I suppose is why they coddled the Muslim Brotherhood Leader-in-Chief for eight long years—had nothing to say about the egregious anti-Semitism of John Kerry when he recently told Israel that it could not be both Jewish and democratic. This administration exclaimed in front of the United Nations that the Jewish people are incapable of democracy unless they get hip to the concept of being pushed into the sea by their hateful neighbors, and what do you got? Nothing to see here, folks, move along.
Don't even get me started on this whole Russia hacking nonsense. Yes, Russia hacks us. So has every other rogue country the world has to offer. Madame Mao left secret information out in the open on a banquet plate for them to pick from, for Chrissakes. But, to push an angle that benefits the narrative and not the truth, which is that the DNC was hacked by a fed-up Bernie Sanders supporter who was soon after conveniently murdered, the Democratic party machine and the media who dances to its every beat has to pawn electoral incompetency off on the machinations of Vladimir Putin. You see, we can call Vladimir Putin evil. That's okay. That's just dandy.
Even Rolling Stone, a bastion of fake news if ever there was one, has had enough. On December 30, Matt Taibbi wrote, in a piece sub-titled "Nearly a decade and a half after the Iraq-WMD faceplant, the American press is again asked to co-sign a dubious intelligence assessment":
On one end of the spectrum, America could have just been the victim of a virtual coup d'etat engineered by a combination of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, which would be among the most serious things to ever happen to our democracy. 
But this could also just be a cynical ass-covering campaign, by a Democratic Party that has seemed keen to deflect attention from its own electoral failures. 
The outgoing Democrats could just be using an over-interpreted intelligence "assessment" to delegitimize the incoming Trump administration and force Trump into an embarrassing political situation: Does he ease up on Russia and look like a patsy, or escalate even further with a nuclear-armed power?
Thanks, Rolling Stone. Keep this up and you just may make up for the college rape epidemic BS that you pushed and the disgusting lionizing of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that had Margery Eagan and moonbat women everywhere drenching their knickers while indulging Jane Austen-style scenarios involving Flash Bang himself.
Forget John McManiac and Little Lindsey for the sake of sanity. We know they're beholden to the defense industry and all the contracts that flourish under it, so the case for wanting war with Russia, and the subsequent prolonging of efforts against ISIS for several decades, that they're making is obvious.
What gets me is the whole "17 intelligence agencies" BS. I was honestly unaware that the United States, as admittedly and horribly bureaucratic as it is, not only had seventeen members of the "intelligence community," but that apparently even more exist with which to point the tip of the greater-than symbol at. In other words, to say that seventeen intelligence agencies agree on the Russian hacking of "our democracy" insinuates the presence of a few rogue agencies, who I'm sure if they existed would eventually be batter-rammed into line. After all, only John Brennan was spouting this nonsense. Then James Clapper and James Comey piped up. And there's your "seventeen intelligence agencies".
You see, the seventeen intelligence agencies confirming the Russian hacking of the 2016 election in favor of Trump must be every bit as accurate as the sixty-five member coalition that Obama has fighting against ISIS. What made the government choose the number seventeen for this story? I don't know, it's probably a reference to Joe Biden's IQ.
And yet, if the evidence against Russia is so overwhelming, just where the hell is it? Why must this godforsaken government under Obama be so secretive about every damn thing? We couldn't know the details of TPP and now we're told to believe these incompetents with regard to the tipping of the election toward Trump because of Russia despite the lack of any public dissemination of proof. 
Here's the thing: Out of all the nonsense being alleged in this phony report, the one thing that isn't is that this Russian interference changed the vote count. Clapper has said there is no evidence of this. So what is this anti-Russia angle all about then? It's about the heads of all these agencies, all five of them (not seventeen), all of them globalists, merely trying to discredit the nascent Trump presidency. That's all, folks. Simple as that.
By the way, where is the pantsuit on the torture of the young white man in Chicago? She informs us that Putin holds an obvious grudge against her, that Trump is "spouting the Putin line," and that we must believe in the sanctity of the Russian hacking report. When it could really benefit her, and the Democrats in general, to have something to say roundly condemning the bitterness, hatred and division consuming the country—that they entirely causedand explicitly expressed in the beating and torture of the 18-year-old special needs man by those who forced him to yell "fuck Trump" and "fuck white people," she is silent. Keith Ellison is silent. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are silent. I'm not surprised. They're no doubt searching for more fictional stories about Muslim women getting their hijabs knocked off by white men wearing "Make America Great Again" baseball caps to scream about.
Jeepers, I could just scream. I certainly have every night in my dreams since November 5, 2008.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's news and reviews

Yet more philanthropic acts committed in the name of the Religion of Pieces. Thirty-nine people have so far died from a New Year's Eve gun massacre at the Reina nightclub in Istanbul. And even though the city's governor outright called it a terrorist attack, most of the media outlets are saying that the incident "is believed to be a terrorist attack." 
Gee, ya' don't say! And there I was thinking, when I first heard about it, that some used car salesman just had a bad day.
This media really is outstandingly moronic. Thank goodness we now officially have an Obama Ministry of Truth to keep shielding people from reality. The best gift ever to jihadic slaughterers. Makes you so proud, does it not?
*   *   *
Has anybody seen Mitt Romney? Where are his thoughts on Russia and Vladimir Putin, the monster who wants to swallow up the entire world?
*   *   *
Barry Obama has said to the nation in his final New Year's address that "it has been the privilege of my life to serve as your President".
Mr. Obama, I say as sincerely as I can, just go. "Retire" to that $5 million D.C. mansion of yours and I don't want to hear anything from your skinny, phenomenally lazy ass ever again. Nor that of your wife, Mrs. Pouty Lips, nor your degenerate, pot-smoking, bratty progeny. How's that, eh? Now send the damned IRS after me, you freak.
Your presidency has been a privilege for you and that of the corporate masters and heads of the identity politics industry that you served, Obama. No-one else.
You, sir, need to be thankful every day—not that I believe for one moment that you will or ever could be—that so many "bitter clingers" across the country voted for you because they were hammered since the day they were born with instructions to feel guilty and that they had no choice but to vote for the black guy, and that alone, sir, is the only reason you got two terms. White guilt. Not white privilege. White guilt.
Well, that, and millions of illegal aliens who poured into the country since January 20, 2009.
*   *   *
I'm serious, where's Mitt Romney? We desperately need your suggestions with regard to Russia, sir.
*   *   *
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said that sanctions against Russia launched by the Obama administration are "overdue". In a statement he issued, Ryan said that the actions being sought against Russia represent an "appropriate way to end eight years of failed policy with Russia".
Not to be outdone, John McCain opined that the Democratic fairy tale that is the Russian hacking of the election on November 8 is "an act of war." McCain seeks a Congressional Select Committee to investigate allegations of Russian interference.
Senator Lindsey Graham also chimed in, all 5-feet-2 of him, waving his arms at the back of the Senate chamber, noting that "bipartisan sanctions will hit Russia hard, particularly Vladimir Putin as an individual."
If there's one grievance I hold against President-elect Donald Trump, it is that he did not attempt to oust Paul Ryan as House Speaker. He should never have endorsed Ryan's primary campaign nor that of McCain.
John McManiac, Lindsey Grahamnesty and RINO "Eddie Munster" Ryan, all best buddies with Obama to the bitter end. How pathetic.
*   *   *
Mitt? Mittens? Would the real Mitt Romney please stand up, please stand up, please stand up ...

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Obama's globalist vision dying a long death as 2017 looms

As 2016 is on its way out the door, Obama continues his combination of horrible policies combined with slick indoctrination. In an interview with his former chief strategist and political mafioso David Axlerod, Barry O. stated:
I am confident in this [globalist] vision, because I'm confident that if I had run again, and I articulated it, I think that I could have mobilized the majority of the American people to rally behind it. I know that in conversations that I've had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say the vision, the direction that you point towards is the right one.
Responding to this audacity, Michael Savage opined:
Yes, that's right. Flood America with useless immigrants who don't work. Increase the food stamp rolls by 10.7 million people, a 32 percent jump. Bring in Islamists who are not vetted. Really good job. One terrorist event after another. Oh yeah, we all want your vision. That's what we want, Mr. Obama. We want your vision, we all want to become Beirut or Lebanon itself, we can't wait to see internacine warfare in America. You're great. You turn blacks against the police. You did a super job, Obama.
I might add that Obama, in all of his puerileness and petulancy, is stirring up a new Cold War with Russia, as if we need that. We watched the Berlin Wall come down in 1989 so this big-eared man-child can try to resurrect it again, or something similar. A U.S.-Mexico border wall? Hell to the no. A wall between Europe and Russia all over again? Bring it on! What a marvelous, forward-thinking vision.
Luckily, Putin knows how to act like a grown adult and is not taking the bait that little boy Obama has spread out for him and is waiting until January 20 when a real adult once again takes the reins in the White House.
Also, I'm sure the folks whose 1,100 jobs were recently saved due to Donald Trump's intervention on their behalf really want to continue with Obama's vision which does nothing but reward global corporatists and whose direction is being engineered by the evil madman, George Soros. It really sucks for them that this "vision" was rejected.
I'll say this: If the majority of the American people can be rallied to this pile of stinking, rotting garbage, then the majority of the American people are in a drug haze, 24/7. And when drug problems are documented, these moron liberals want to ruin the doctor-patient relationship rather than crack down on the source of the life-wrecking substances—illegal aliens. That's right, aliens, I said it. There is only one type of immigrant: a legal one, someone who jumps through all the hoops, someone who would run around the block with their underwear on their head because the nation they want to be a part of told them it was required. That, dear reader, is an immigrant. Not someone who can't appreciate sacrifice because they didn't make any by sneaking in and who get rewarded by the powers-that-be just so they can increase their voting base. Those are people who—say it with me—don't belong. Very good, you're learning.
Speaking of aliens, let's not forget the the people of Nebraska, who I'm sure are just thrilled with Obama's vision, the one that just dumped 502 "migrants" in their breadbasket state. A vision that thinks there is a problem because their state is too white and too red.
The same media that told us that Donald Trump could never win and that he didn't stand a chance against the living blood clot known as Hillary Clinton, invented Leninist propaganda such as "hands up, don't shoot" and which kept showing pictures of Trayvon Martin at the age of 12, rather than the 17-year-old thug that he had become, warns us against the horrors of "fake news". What a joke.
Those who pay attention to Breitbart, The Drudge Report and Zero Hedge are, in the words of the brilliant Milo Yiannopoulos, "hateful, misogynistic, racist, anti-Semitic, sexist bigots," according to Lefties. But what they don't realize is that everything they accuse the "alt-right" of being is everything they are. It's opposite world with the liberals. It's just like when Democrats cite the working class; what they really mean is the non-working class.
Watch all the new-found free speech advocates, the same ones burning American flags in front of Trump Tower while the media report on how great and heroic they are, as they say nothing about S. 2493, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 that Obama signed, deep inside which was buried the "Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act," a bill straight out of 1984 in that it resembles Orwell's nightmarish Ministry of Truth. Germany, too, has proposed its own version so that it can cover up the considerable crimes and terrorist attacks of its Islamist migrants. According to Zero Hedge:
Long before the "fake news" meme became a daily topic of extensive conversation on such discredited mainstream portals as CNN and WaPo, H.R. 5181 would task the Secretary of State with coordinating the Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors to "establish a Center for Information Analysis and Response," which will pinpoint sources of disinformation, analyze data, and—in true dystopic manner—'develop and disseminate' "fact-based narratives" to counter effrontery propaganda. 
In short, long before "fake news" became a major media topic, the US government was already planning its legally-backed crackdown on anything it would eventually label "fake news."
Does anyone care to tell me how this doesn't violate the freedom of speech and expression promised by the First Amendment? Where are all the chattering mouths of the media? Where are all the oh-so-concerned and frightened young people? They're all blabbering about fake news while the American government has officially informed them what is acceptable to report and that everything else is verboten. It doesn't matter, however, since they've been content to do just that for going on fifty years now. They're only too glad to have it confirmed so it can deprive the deplorables of anything approaching reality.
I suppose you could say that Obama's actually working for once, trying to cram an entire third term of damage into his last remaining month in power. Bums can really get a move-on when it's last dibs at the soup line.
I will be so happy when that clock strikes midnight this morning knowing that only twenty days of this insanity remains. Donald Trump is going to have a lot on his plate as if he didn't have enough already.
Happy New Year, and let this upcoming set of twelve months be the one in which America was truly made not just great, but tolerable again.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lefties have lost all options as 2016 ends

Let me get this straight. First, it was the Electoral College's fault that Hillary Clinton lost the election. Even though the Electoral College was fine and dandy when it was thought that the "Blue Wall" would hold up, suddenly it is a huge oversight on the Founding Fathers' part and needs to be dismantled. We need the popular vote so that California and New York can decide our elections henceforth and forever more, say the liberals.
Then it was Russian hacking of our "democracy," (a.k.a. would-be oligarchy) although not a shred of evidence exists to confirm this and no-one is alleging this to the extent that CIA political hack head John Brennan is. Funny how the CIA was the bugaboo of the Left for decades and that their intelligence was always suspect, especially during the Iraq War—but now the agency's word is sacrosanct and we should be prepared to launch war against Putin posthaste.
It seems as though George W. Bush might be given a reprieve of sorts. These days, if anything goes wrong, it can be blamed on Putin. Global warming? Putin. The Christmas tree dried up too soon and all its needles fell off? A conspiracy by the Kremlin, quite obviously. Your toilet is backed up? Putin's responsible for that too. Your girlfriend left you not because you're an annoying, whiny hipster twat who wears goofy fucking glasses that do nothing to boost your non-existent intelligence factor. She defected to the Russian government at Putin's behest.
At the soiree she held for her donors, Clinton said, "We have to recognize that, as the latest report made clear, Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy." Ummm, we don't have to recognize anything from you, you friggin' sore-ass loser, go away already! The year 2016 has taken so many away from us, now adding George Michael to its list, but Hillary Clinton is still around. What's the deal, 2016? You finally removed Fidel Castro from this earth, no doubt one of your better acts. Now finish the job. And don't forget George Soros either. You only have four days left.
Since the Russian angle is going nowhere in a hurry, it's back to castigating FBI head James Comey, even though Comey has let Hillary Clinton off the hook twice, citing a lack of evidence of "intent," even though that was never part of the statute. You see, his recommendation to Congress that the investigation into her malfeasance be re-opened as a result of the discoveries made on Anthony Weiner's laptop assisted in her losing the election because, oh gee, it made her look untrustworthy. If any member of the American electorate did not already regard Madame Mao this way by the time Comey sent his now-infamous letter, that says more about them than anything Comey has ever done. Isn't it odd how Comey declaring Mrs. Clinton innocent yet again before the election had no impact with regard to her perceived irresponsibility and treachery?
And if all else fails, just blame the racism of the deplorables who voted for Donald Trump. Clinton regards herself as perfect, therefore so should 100 percent of the American people. If you voted for Trump, you're a white nationalist, a "bitter clinger," which I'm sure comes as a huge shock to the 35 percent of Hispanics and 12 percent of blacks who voted for Mr. Trump.
It is true that white America, especially its rural counterpart, voted for Trump enthusiastically, but does any Leftie idiot—if that's not a redundant phrase—want to give me a reason why white people in the heartland and the Rust Belt and in states like Idaho which are being flooded with "Syrian" jihadists migrants could cast their votes for Hillary and the Democrats? There are still enough whites in America who haven't been completely poisoned by left-wing union-controlled public schools, out-of-control Government, a complicit media and Marxist college professors yet. They still had enough faith in their families and communities to try to reverse the damage before it was too late. That's really deplorable of them, right? They've only been told about 2,956,743 times (and counting) since the start of the election process in spring 2015 that they have privilege that no-one else in the country has, that refusing to give up their God-given right to self-defense is the reason why the San Bernadino and Orlando massacres happened, and that they're responsible for why the country is so oppressive and unfair. And yet it's a complete mystery to the Clinton campaign why it lost.
MTV, an irrelevant cable channel if ever there was one, can produce a piece entitled "2017 Resolutions for White Guys," in which honkies and crackers are told that "black lives just matter" and that All Lives Matter is not the opposite of that. They are told to stop using the word "woke" as an adjective (yep, me neither), to stop something called "mansplaining" and that if they happen to be judges, to cease allowing rapists on college campuses to go free. Way to give cover to Rolling Stone's blatant lies, MTV.
Yet, in the brilliant words of black conservative, Crystal Wright, "Would we ever see a New Year's resolution produced by MTV telling black men to stop killing each other in inner cities like Chicago, stop impregnating black women to the tune of over 70 percent, marry black women. Will we ever see a video like that from MTV? No, because you know why? Because that would be racist." Somebody please inform Crystal Wright that she is obviously a white supremacist.
And there's our heroic, supposed President, sticking it to America and Israel on his way out the door, as we all knew he would. He obviously took his pen and his phone to his Hawaii headquarters. First, he scrapped the National Security Entrance-Exit system, a 2002 program that enjoyed both Democrat and Republican support that increased the screening of travelers from specific countries. Trump can likely revive the program once in office, but the United States will fly totally blind for the next month, as undesirables continue to pour into the country between now and January 20, 2017. If a terrorist incident occurs, therefore, the Democratic party machine and the media can blame Trump's "rhetoric".
Next, Obama invoked the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, a 1953 law protecting defined land areas from oil and gas drilling. Once invoked, it cannot be repealed by the next President, although the courts may step in to throw Obama's decision out or Congress can amend the provision. The Obama Administration crowed that, having invoked the drilling law, in coöperation with Trudeau's Canada, it would be "decades" before drilling could be an issue again. This was clearly a gift to the whackjob environmentalist Democratic donors and a way to scupper Trump's promises to make America more self-reliant on energy needs.
Thirdly, Obama opined to National Public Radio that Donald Trump should not seek to rule by Executive Order, but go through Congress to get what he wants. Technically, Obama is right about this, this is the way things should be done. But this is just more astonishing hypocrisy from Obama and his declaration that "my strong preference has always been to legislate when I can get legislation done" is a naked lie. Plus, it's not so much the number of executive orders—in Obama's case, it's 260—it's the nature of them, and Obama's ERs have been especially damaging and retrograde. This can be seen to blow a whistle and put the spotlight on Trump given past criticisms of Obama's executive orders. The problem is, it might take executive orders on Trump's part to undue the considerable damage done.
Finally, Obama sponsored a U.N. resolution that harshly criticizes Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands, which is ridiculous as these are lands won by Israel in 1967 and therefore not Palestinian land. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Obama of crafting and submitting the resolution to the U.N. to undermine his leadership and Israel's borders. So much for the peaceful transfer of power.
Furthermore, Obama has done all of this while supposedly on vacation. This man and his family have spent $85 million of our money on trips, yet he has the audacity to assert that he can finally have a real vacation once he—thank you, God—leaves the Oval Office.
By the way, what is up with the friendship bracelets between Obama and Joe Biden? Does it get any more disturbing than this? It's great that a President and his veep get along so well. But, friendship bracelets with flowers and smiley-faces?! Vladimir Putin was supposedly close with ambassador Andrey Karlov, shot by a jihadist in Ankara a week ago. I doubt they had friendship bracelets, though. John Kerry's pink girly bicycle. Obama's knee pads. And now friendship bracelets. It's no wonder Russia, China, Iran and the rest of the world laughs at the United States and does as it likes.
On the bright side, the electors have done their job, despite all the crybaby sob-stories and death threats from frightened little progressives. Even despite that scholarly video released by Hollywood luminaries who urge the electors to "act like Hamilton," despite the fact that the actual Alexander Hamilton would have run a mile from these lunatics. Suddenly the Federalist Papers and the Constitution mean something to these subversive Commie airheads.
Donald Trump will, after all the crap that has gone down since the morning of November 9, be President of the United States. Notwithstanding the efforts of the self-styled hero Chris Suprun, for whom no such heroic accounts exist, and the Christian fundamentalist headcase, Art Sisneros. Go suck a hotrod's tailpipe with the engine running, fellas. It's all you're good for.
Meanwhile, earlier this month, in Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May won a resounding vote in the House of Commons regarding her timeline for invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, officially triggering Brexit. As it stands, Brexit will be launched by the end of March 2017. After the demands for a second referendum and the High Court challenge by Remoaners, no less.
What next, Lefties? What next? All you do is lose. Keep it up. Oh wait, you can't. There's nothing left for you to do or to try. It's been fun, snowflakes, but now the voice of the people, in Britain and in America, is going to be honored. If it's really that tough to take, I'm sure there's a bridge somewhere in your vicinity to help ease the pain. Use it.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Secretary of State Rex: Steady at the till ... er, son?

It looks as if Rex Tillerson is President-elect Trump's pick for the position of Secretary of State. I've heard some things about Mr. Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil since 2006, as have you, dear reader. Tillerson is also the 33rd President of the Boy Scouts of America and endorsed the inclusion of homosexuals as scout masters. I prefer to concentrate on the fact that Tillerson's involvement with the Boy Scouts demonstrates a desire to craft young boys into responsible men, give them some focus and some male mentoring in an increasingly fatherless societal environment and an understanding of the value of the environment.
Tillerson has also backed the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other free trade agreements, the Common Core national education experiment, and, as Exxon's chief executive, a carbon tax and the Paris Climate Accords. In essence, Tillerson maintains a trendy stance on social issues and has globalist leanings and sympathies, and that's disappointing.
The Exxon chief wasn't the most qualified for this position and has rattled some conservatives as too establishment and who would have been at home in a Jeb Bush administration.
The Secretary of State, however, does not set national policy. Tillerson was chosen because he, like the President he will answer to, is an outsider and a very successful businessman. Tillerson was also chosen, I highly believe, because he understands Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. Tillerson has known Putin for 25 years and it is essential that the United States thaws out its relationship to this nuclear-armed and resurgent superpower. Tillerson could be crucial in keeping Russia onside as we attempt to dismantle the Iran deal.

Not my Secretary of State? Gimme a break
Photo: Rubin/Wiese Photography

I do not care one iota if Russia had in any way hacked the recent election, especially since I don't believe for one moment that it did, as the CIA now alleges. As far as whackjob conspiracy theories go, 9/11 being an inside job and the moon landings having been faked have far more credibility than this. See, the CIA has been poisoned with a useless political hack named John Brennan, courtesy of Obama who has used his reverse Midas touch—as in everything he touches turns to shite—to turn it into just another disruptive government agency that pushes climate change as America's and the world's top-most priority. Just take the "Intelligence" bit out of the CIA and that's what it currently is. Therefore, I place absolutely no stock in it.
Even James Comey's FBI has said no proof exists of any direct Russian influence in the election and the same liberal talking-heads obsessing over it aren't keen to provide the proof either. It's not hard to see why. It doesn't exist.
This Russia-bashing won't end until Trump takes office on January 20—it's just more garbage that we have to put up with from the Left in their pathetic attempt to certify Hillary because Madame Mao was just so damn perfect in every conceivable way that she couldn't possibly have lost an election.
First it was the argument that only the popular vote is legitimate and we needed to ditch the Electoral College, even though the Electoral College was fine when it was thought that the Democrats' "Blue Wall" would defeat Trump. Then it was the recount effort so Jill Stein could enrich herself from the donations of stupid suburbanite progressives. Electors have been deluged with correspondences, demanding they stop Trump and vote for Hillary. Now, golly gee, it's the Russians. How exactly the Russians helped to get Trump into office is, and I'm sure forever will be, unrevealed due to the aforementioned lack of evidence. What will these cretins try next?
As for the electors, one of them, a douchebag in Texas, has said he will not fulfill his role as an Electoral College member by voting for Trump. Would Chris Suprun, who asserts that he feels he would be supporting a king by voting for Trump (after eight years of imperial rule by Barry, no less), have raised the same stink if the pantsuit had won Texas? That's right, I don't think so either.
Suprun's reticence combined with the resignation of Art Sisneros, who claimed that Trump as President didn't fulfill some Biblical prophecy or some such fanatical lunacy, makes me think that there's something very wrong in Texas and that the Lone Star State's legislature had better seriously consider passing a bill during Trump's first year in office that binds that state's electors to the Electoral College result.

No, I'm not Glenn Beck, although I am just as much of a headcase. So, do you think these glasses make me look smart or even half-way respectable?
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Let's not forget that Stephen Chris Suprun, this horned rim spectacles-wearing moron subscribed to Ashley Madison using the same address as a dubious 9/11 charity while bankrupt and unemployed and married with three kids and used a PR firm run by the Alinskyite agitator Van Jones, according to an excellent expose by Zero Hedge. C'mon, admit it, dear reader—you knew that Suprun was no clean conservative. He has spoken of the possibility of voting for the Twerker, for Chrissakes. 
For someone to bitch this much about Trump's Electoral College victory, while wrapping himself up in some completely bullshit narrative that Trump divides the country and rejects the "shining city on a hill" vision of America, points to some seriously insalubrious stuff about this twerp and his private life. I'm not exactly surprised. Disgusted, yes; surprised, no.
I cannot wait until December 19 when the electors finally confirm Donald J. Trump as President of the United States, and all these vile Lefties and Never Trump purist conservatives can no longer try to derail him.
Please don't talk to me about Rex Tillerson while madmen like Suprun and Sisneros are still at large in our society, while media giants like CNN still refuse to answer questions over Donna Brazile's leaked debate questions and other such dishonest actions against a gullible public, while the murder of a young Bernie Sanders supporter goes uninvestigated, and while the dispatching of a Supreme Court justice, who was found dead with a pillow over his head, whose bodily fluids were flushed away and whose demise was deemed not worthy of an autopsy, goes unexplained. 
Trump didn't promote backstabber Mitt Romney, an anti-Russia saber-rattler, or Bob Corker, the man who made the Iran nukes deal possible and favorite of the Republican Senatorial elite. In fact, I really hope that, twenty years from now, I can read in some Secret Service agent's memoirs that less than five minutes into their meeting, Trump slapped Corker across the face, laughed and said, "Get the fuck out of here, Bob."
Tillerson will promote a new and friendlier relationship with Russia which is exactly what is called for at this time in world history.
In other words, with Tillerson, we won't have that World War III that neoconservatives have been salivating over and about which Mr. Father-Knows-Best, Chris Suprun, would have nothing to say.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Buckeye jihadist, and other various news sundries

Imagine you have a neighbor, dear reader, and he hates your car. He turns his nose up at you every time you depart or arrive while you're behind its wheel. He scowls at you from behind his fence whenever you wash it. One day your neighbor posts on Facebook, "Hate next door's car. It is a rustbucket piece of crap. It devalues the neighborhood just by sitting in the driveway. I am going to take care of it."
Then you wake up one morning to see the windshield smashed, tires slashed, fuel hoses cut and bodywork dented in. The Facebook post gets called to your attention and you take photos of the car and a snapshot of the social media post and file a police report in which you claim criminal property damage. Once the report is complete, the officer looks you in the eyes and says without a trace of irony, "We will follow up on this, but in all honesty, we cannot determine a specific crime here. We absolutely don't know your neighbor's motives, it's pretty much a mystery. And the end of the day, only he will truly know why he destroyed your car."
That is the essence of what Ohio Governor the Twerker John Kasich said of the car-and-machete attack at Ohio State University when he opined, "We may never totally find out why this person did what they did or why they snapped, we may never find out." Because we wouldn't want to make any assumptions about refugees or the Somali community or Islam, would we? It would defeat the whole narrative of the Dear Leader's "women and children" argument.
That certainly is what Ohio State President Michael Drake urged against when he said at a news conference, "We all know when things like this happen that there's a tendency sometimes for people to put people together and create other kinds of theories. We don't know anything that would link this to any community. We certainly don't have any evidence that would say that's the case." Therefore, strictly speaking, everyone chill out, support each other—presumably by telling each other lies that this had nothing to do with the Religion of Pieces—and let the investigation carry forward, the conclusion of which will be undetermined and one from which we certainly will not learn anything because we never do.
In the aftermath of the attack in which the legal resident jihadist put eleven in hospital by running his car at students, hitting some, and then stabbing others, a staffer at the Ohio State University Office of Residents' Life, Stephanie Clemons Thompson wrote, "Abdul Razak Ali Artan was a Buckeye, a member of our family. If you think it is okay to celebrate his death and/or share a photo of his dead body, and I see it in my timeline, then I will unfriend you. I pray you find compassion for his life." As Howie Carr said, parsing this insane screed, "In other words, if you're cheering the fact that this guy was killed before he was able to kill you, you must be a bad person, you are an Islamophobe!"
Clemons Thompson also included the hashtags for Black Lives Matter (Only When White People Are Involved) and some dumb "civil rights" BS called SayHisName. Stay safe, Buckeyes. Run, hide, fight! And just know that this will easily happen again someday because American universities believe in being sanctuary campuses and places where students are not allowed to defend themselves. Clemons Thompson, once students began calling for her head, deleted the post and begged friends not to share the post, all too aware that it was controversial. Cowardly as always, that's the Left.
Another thing, don't you love how these liberals toss the word pray around as if it actually means anything to them? They're the same people who think creation can exist without a creator, but they're going to pray for us. Golly gee, that's wonderful. But I digress.
I have no faith that this "investigation" will consider the Buckeye jihadist's Facebook entreaty addressing us infidels "to stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah. By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday." Artan also wrote that he couldn't "take any more" with regard to alleged human rights abuses of Muslims in Myanmar and worldwide and blamed the United States for participating in them. When the phone didn't ring, it was some concerned member of the Buckeye community placing a call to Columbus authorities.
Artan had also previously complained that OSU had not enough Muslim prayer rooms so that he could fulfill Allah's wish that he put his face in another man's rear end five times a day. In August, he was profiled in a university publication called "Humans of Ohio State." Well, there's a glaring error if ever there was one, but never mind. In this piece, Artan stated that "I'm a Muslim, it's not what the media portrays me to be." Really, Artan? You're a real scream. I meant, you were a real scream.
Seriously, is anyone crying for this piece of excrement? By which I mean to ask, anyone normal weeping for poor, misunderstood Abdul Ali WabbaWabbaDooDa? Anyone out there who thinks any Somalian refugee has done anything of value for America at all, except for Ayaan Hirsi Ali?
In Somalia, over 98 percent of women aged 15 to 49 are forced to undergo female genital mutilation. Much more often than not, it takes place at age 15 when the young women, God forbid, might start to enjoy sex. The more the Somalian community grows, the more this vile, barbaric operation is practiced. It has become an epidemic in the largest Somalian communities in the United States: Minneapolis, Minnesota and Columbus, Ohio. In fact, according to Refugee Resettlement Watch, data from March 2015 indicates that 25,000 or more women or girls are at risk of FGM not just in Minnesota, but also Washington, California, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. In Ohio, as well as Illinois, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, between 10,000 and 25,000 females potentially face this butchery.
Folks, we are going to have to keep living this nightmare until Donald Trump officially becomes President on January 20. The current so-called President won't say a word except perhaps that if he'd had a son, it would have looked like Artan the inbred. The media will continue the fiction that America has a duty to reflect and continue to welcome Muslim refugees. The Department of Justice will not lift a finger to ensure that incidents like this, which have become too numerous at this stage to count off the top of one's head anymore, are prevented. We will have to wait for a completely new transfer of people in charge before The Farooks, the Mateens, the Tsarnaevs and the Artans of this world are treated pro-actively by an FBI that doesn't have an incompetent stooge and political hack as its leader and sancturary cities and college campuses are bled dry of federal funding.
Maybe—maybe—then, the focus will be on protecting American citizens of all stripes and faiths rather than having to read about how much Muslims fear retribution in the wake of attacks that were allowed to happen and about which they so often have so little to say condemnation-wise.

Flag burning and free speech pablum

Donald Trump has caused a stir by suggesting a year in jail or even a loss of citizenship for those who burn the American flag. I think this goes too far. No American citizen should face prison time and/or a loss of their citizenship because they exercised what the Supreme Court said constitutes free speech. This of course applies to American flags that you purchase yourself and not one flying outside of or displayed within an edifice or park, public or private.
Mr. Trump is throwing it out there that there should be some kind of punishment for the ungrateful cretins that do burn the flag and I agree with that. Congress has the right to pass a law that recognizes the free speech part of flag-burning, but can also classify it under current hate-crime legislation, same as torching a rainbow flag. If law enforcement catches someone in the act of disgracing, defacing and destroying an American flag, there should be a $100 fine and 30 hours of mandatory service at a VA hospital. Let these pukes see men who sacrificed for their right to hate their country and perhaps they'll be shamed into loving it. Let's say the puke in question doesn't show up for his mandatory assignment looking after disabled veterans. Then the miscreant can be jailed, not for free speech but for defying a court order. The saucy little nobody should serve three months in jail and be told again to fulfill his duty. If he or she fails to do so a second time, it'll be six months in prison. And so on.
A depraved new "challenge" has resulted from Trump's proposition, one with the hashtag FlagBurningChallenge. "I'm so here for this #FlagBurningChallenge," one moron wrote on Twitter. Suddenly, everyone's a fucking free speech advocate. They said nothing when Loretta Lynch threatened punitive actions against those who dared to criticize Muslims in the wake of the San Bernadino massacre. They said nothing to defend Christian bakeries, florists and photographers brought down by militant gays for refusing to provide services to their weddings on the grounds of freedom of expression and of religion. They had nothing to say in support of conservative groups targeted by the IRS. When the Left was dictating the terms of free speech and expression, all was swell.
In the "olden days," there would be street justice for those who burned the flag. You would be pummeled and the police would let it happen, only interfering when they thought the protester had enough. That's how people learned that you don't screw around with national pride. Before the Supreme Court decision in 1989, nobody stopped to think, "Wait a minute, does this count as free speech?" There would be an ass-kicking and everyone concerned generally agreed that it was deserved.
However, in these days of hot chocolate and therapy dogs and free diaper changes and whatever the fuck else is being offered to these butt-hurt little buttercups, that's unlikely to happen again anytime soon. So there has to be another way to get the message through that, free speech or not, the flag is sacred and destroying one is an act—a repulsive one—and cannot be strictly or technically covered as speech or expression.

Fidel Castro: Good riddance

I believe with all my heart that (1) people who have their heads screwed on straight are rejoicing in the death of that murderous dictator, Fidel Castro and (2) that the Commie shitbag is in hell where he belongs and will be forevermore. Long after the Solar System has collapsed upon itself, he will still be in agony—and I couldn't be any happier about it. What's more, I hope he suffered immensely before expiring.
There is no forgiveness, ever, for the truly wicked, and Castro is right up there with the worst of them. It has been said that Castro killed more Cubans in three years than Adolf Hitler killed Germans in six years. Our fifth column journalists are gushing about Castro, calling him a revolutionary as if that term alone indicates benevolence, and positing that Batista was such a bad dictator that the Cuban people deserved Castro's magnificence. They don't realize, because they possess less intelligence than a styrofoam block, that Castro sent journalists, in addition to homosexuals, to forced labor camps where they perished due to "grimy, inhumane and tortorous conditions."
As is usual with the Left, they engage in chicanery and intellectual dishonesty with regard to Cuba's education and healthcare systems. The claim the former greatly increased literacy while the latter looked after the nation's health needs. Cuba's literacy may have increased but only because it was a great tool with which to brainwash and propagandize its population to accept the leadership's authoritarianism. The Cuban educational system was great for teaching the population their ABC's and not much else. As for Cuba's healthcare, it was excellent for members of the government elite and tourists, but the healthcare infrastructure for average Cubans was so weak that they had to bring their own medicine, sheets, iodine, toilet paper and other such things to the hospital with them and many of those items had to be purchased on the black market. After all, whenever Castro was ill, he insisted on doctors from Miami or even Spain. He wouldn't accept what he deemed adequate for the Cuban proletariat, just as Obama won't ever use the "services" provided by the healthcare act colloquially named after him.
The Cuban ex-pats in Miami celebrating the death of the brutal dictator they fled must see as a slap to the face all the accolades being posthumously granted to Castro, including from the White House. I would be furious to see the President and the mainstream media lionizing this bloody strongman to the extent that they are. It is such a shame.
Meanwhile, Obama can send someone to Cuba represent the United States at Castro's funeral, but not in my name. Not in the name of tens of millions of Americans. But, as always, this means nothing to the Dear Leader and his minions in the propaganda dissemination business.

Recount effort DOA! 

The effort to recount the votes in three states that were part of the failed Democratic "Blue Wall"—Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania—that was launched by Green Party candidate Jill Stein on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the Left and funded by evil billionaire George Soros has been nixed. The Pennsylvania Department of State has told Stein that she missed the deadline for a state recount. Wisconsin said it refuses to hand count every ballot as was requested. Michigan noted that it certified its election in favor of Trump. All three states have told Stein: "Go away."
Even an anchor on MSNBC, of all media places, asked Jill Stein, "So Dr. Stein, are you a crybaby or a loser?" The answer to which is yes on both, but Stein alleged, "Well, this is not about me. It's about the American people who emerged from this election as not happy campers. Eighty percent, according to a New York Times poll, were disgusted by the conduct of the election."
So the "conduct" was apparently all on Trump, is the message Stein is sending out here. Hillary would have been charm-school graduate perfect if not for the "mean and nasty" Donald Trump. What, if anything, has that got to do with the final count?
Hillary Clinton's own lawyers have admitted that there's no evidence of fraud on Trump's part, he won every state, even the "Blue Wall" ones, fair and square. As opposed to Clinton who won the popular vote on the strength of three million illegal alien votes and likely stole New Hampshire, Virginia and even Colorado. When you come down to it, this was about pushing recounts past the December 13 electoral deadline so that those three states could be denied to Trump. Not that it would have worked as the House of Representatives would then have the say, but this is what passes for rationale on the Left.
Lefties—at least of the suburbanite prosecco-consuming variety—were prepared to take out a second mortgage or hand over their children's trust funds to Stein as long as there was some hope whatsoever that the election result could be overturned. Truly, deeply, fantastically laughable stuff.
I think this was all an effort to give Hillary hope so she could stop drinking and self-medicating herself. According to certain sources, she is not taking this very well. Would a big, fat "who the hell cares" be too banal of me? Well, I never let anyone get slaughtered in Benghazi and then patronized one of the dead's mothers by suggesting that she was confused as a result of her grief. So, no, I don't feel that it is.
I cannot wait until January 20 when the Left cannot pull any more hair-brained shenanigans. Trump will be the legitimate president and there is nothing they can do about it anymore. If the election results didn't kill most of them off, hopefully the coverage of Trump being sworn in will.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The country needs to come together and heal— but will the Left ever allow it?

Universities and high schools nationwide have responded to the election of Donald Trump as America's 45th President by holding professor-organized class walkouts, cry-ins and therapy dog sessions and implementing programs to teach students that Mr. Trump is a racist and a sexist who won by appealing to racists and misogynists.
Way to go, Lefties! You know, perhaps if you'd only had even more time, as if this past election process wasn't painfully long enough, to call your opponent and his supporters every bad name in the book, you'd have gotten your beloved, shriveled-up old prune into the White House. But it doesn't matter. Just keep on with the hysterical name-calling for every single appointment to Trump's cabinet, why don't you.
To give you just a slice of the great liberal meltdown occurring everywhere, Sarah Silverman, who's apparently a comedienne, tweeted after the election: "For a lot of people, this is the Great Depression. But this time it's emotional and physical. Our bodies are breaking down with fear and rage." Glad to hear it, Sarah! Keep physically breaking down, just like the mad, murderous woman you wanted to install in the White House. Continue breaking down, precious snowflakes, I mean that most sincerely. You'll solve a lot of problems if you completely disintegrate from that fear and that rage.
Now then, Jeff Sessions should be of grave concern to black Americans, say the fifth columnists in charge of propaganda dissemination, if he becomes Attorney General because he once joked that the KKK is okay save for the fact that they smoked weed and once called a black prosecutor, an assistant U.S. attorney, "boy," which he has vigorously denied. The media won't tell you that a civil rights prosecutor, Barry Kowalski, who overheard the KKK joke said that he was confident that Sessions was only joking and that another civil rights lawyer, J. Gerald Hebert, said that Sessions was not a racist and he just has "a tendency sometimes just to say something".
Mike Flynn, Trump's pick for National Security Adviser, hates Muslims, say the cognoscenti, because he has a history of condemning radical Islam and militancy among Muslims. Mike Pompeo is unfit to be CIA director, say these ivory tower imbeciles, because he was a sharp critic of Hillary Clinton and a defender of waterboarding. How come these dopes never complain about Navy Seal recruits having to undergo waterboarding as part of their training? Isn't it odd that you never hear about that?
These are excellent picks, the very same types of nominations Cruz would have made, and conservatives ought to be very pleased and proud. For the Left, of course, it's the rebirth of the Third Reich.
The Democrats and the Left will say anything about anyone, no matter how ruinous the accusations against them, which are never accurate, which are based on pure hearsay, conjecture and pretexts, just to destroy opposition to their backward, throwback cause.
Milo Yiannopoulous put it best in his latest podcast episode (Episode Thirty-Three). Yiannopoulos, speaking of his experience of having been accused of white supremacy with, as he said, no basis behind that assertion whatsoever, observed:
I've always known that the American press were scumbags, but I'd never quite realized—I'd never quite grasped—just how low they would go to damage their enemies, when they had no real argument, when they had no facts, no reason, no logic. They just wanted to hurt somebody and get them out of public life at all costs, and didn't mind what they said. They didn't care what the consequences were or the fallout. 
Just imagine what kind of person just announces that somebody is a white supremacist or an anti-Semite, out of nowhere, with no thought for the person or the consequences in that person's life, what it might do to their relationship with their family, what it might do to their future. 
These charges tend to stick because normal people think to themselves, "nobody would just say that, would they? Surely nobody would dare—nobody would be so sociopathic and vindictive and spiteful and mean and amoral—to just pluck that stuff out of nowhere, and call somebody an anti-Semite or white supremacist because they don't like their political positions. Surely, nobody would do that?" And so reasonable people think, "well, there's no smoke without fire, he must have done something."
This just serves to prove that the fight has only just begun. There is to be no sitting on anyone's laurels because the pukes on the Left just never give up.

The Left is never shy about revealing their true agenda
Photo courtesy of Aaron M. Renn's The Urbanophile website

I am going to borrow heavily from the second hour of Edward Woodson's November 18 show because he brought up a lot of very good examples and keen points about them. Woodson kicked off the hour asking, "Do these Leftists not realize that elections have consequences? Oh yeah, that was Mr. Obama, didn't he say that elections have consequences and that, 'We won, get over it.' Right? I don't remember we freaking out so much about Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch."
Woodson then played a clip from a CNN broadcast in which Carol Costello reported on the allegations against Jeff Sessions, noting, "Many Americans are concerned about minorities at this time. In fact, interestingly enough, the attorney general Loretta Lynch just sent out a press release. She's talking about attacks on minorities across the country. She says among other alarming trends, this new report from the Justice Department shows a 67 percent increase in hate crimes committed against Muslim Americans. It also showed increases in the number of hate crimes committed against Jewish people, African-Americans and LGBT individuals. Overall, she says, the number of reported hate crimes increased 6 percent, a number that does not account for the many hate crimes that may go unreported out of shame or fear. So—sigh—for that reason, I think that some in America might be concerned about Jeff Sessions's comments even if they did take place thirty years ago".
My own thoughts on this nonsense:
(1) Sessions's comments were brought up thirty years ago, the comments themselves were supposedly uttered many years before 1986, the year of his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for a U.S. District Judge position. The comments amounted to allegations, not proof, against Mr. Sessions and Sessions has denied them.
(2) Just how many times can you have the BS expression "hate crime" in one rambling so-called "news report"? As Gene Hunt once said on Life on Mars, "Hate crime? What, as opposed to one of those I-really-really-like-you sort of crimes?"
(3) According to police nationwide, very little to no such crimes have been reported. A Muslim woman who talked of having her rag hijab being knocked off by Trump supporters, admitted she fibbed about it. There are also numerous other examples of made-up outrages.
(4) As to any actual hate crimes or instances of racist graffiti being perpetrated against communities, Trump responded, "Stop it." Is Barry Obama or Hillary Clinton or Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer or Keith "X" Ellison telling rioters and looters—laughably called "protesters" by the suck-ass media—to knock off their violence? When the phone don't ring, you know it's Jake Tapper informing you that he's prepared to report on Democrat condemnation of these "protests".
(5) Costello implores us to consider "Muslim Americans". In the very next sentence she refers to "Jewish people". So, I can take from this that Muslims are Americans but Jews are not or cannot be. Got that, dear reader? Muslims are AMERICANS, but Jews are mere "people". Nice, eh? No agenda there, nope.
(6) Also, we have "African-Americans" but LGBT "individuals". Again, why not "gay, gender neutral and transsexual Americans"? And, Ms. Costello, you left the "Q" out of LGBTQ. How dare you forget that! In my best attempt to "think" like a liberal, I can only assume that you're prejudiced against the queer component of the LGBTQ community. Queer lives matter!
(7) It's funny, isn't it, that concern for minorities never involves lowering their taxes and bringing opportunities to their communities through business or educational incentives. All the Democrats can ever promise the black community, for instance, is an abortion clinic every ten blocks or so in their neighborhoods. Let's incentivize strong families, religious convictions, intensive studying and hard work for minority enclaves across America. Oh yeah, that's hate speech, I forgot.
(8) The report asserts that many crimes are not being related to authorities out of "shame or fear". Yet all we've heard and seen on TV, newspapers and social media is Black Lives Matter (Only When White People Are Involved) informing us they won't back down and Latinos with their machismo saying that they are not afraid of Donald Trump. So, where's the fear? The Left is more mobilized and determined than ever. They may be easily triggered snowflakes, but they put up a great front. So I have no idea where "fear" ever comes into it, despite the media constantly chatting about it.
Then there's Whoopie Goldberg, who said on The Pissy Feminist View:
Black people are not going anywhere, they are not going to be slaves anymore, so take that out'cha head. Muslims who are born here as Americans are not going anywhere. We're not going anywhere. I don't know why you don't get this part.
As Edward Woodson interjected in response to this, "Listen, Whoopie: We're not going anywhere either! The 'Deplorables' aren't going anywhere either—and guess what? We won."
Whoopie Goldberg went on to assert, "We're all being harassed" when Joy Behar brought that subject up. Harassment, right. Ask conservative groups targeted by the IRS about that. Ask Facebook or Twitter users who've been kicked off the social media sites for daring to post conservative thoughts or memes. Don't talk to me about being scared. Conservatives, Right-leaning libertarians, hard-working, good-natured, law-abiding folks nationwide of all colors and creeds, real Americans and not George Soros-controlled robots, have been scared, fearful, terrified for these past eight years from all the Constitution defying, government agency poisoning and massive surveillance operations launched which didn't prevent one terrorist atrocity but did violate the right to privacy of ordinary citizens.
Obama's not out of office yet; he could do anything. Pardon Hillary, pardon Huma Abedin, pardon "the Dreamers" (a.k.a. the spawn of illegal aliens), get us heavily involved in Syria with "boots on the ground." Who the F knows with Bozo Big-Ears? The nightmare for us isn't over yet, it's got another two months to go. Doubtless the far-Left douches will find some way of continuing to make life very difficult for normal people—y'know, those who don't have neck tattoos, eyebrow piercings, bullet holes in their ears and EBT cards—for as much as those two months are worth.
Woodson notes that, during Obama's first term, he had both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The FBI was in his back pocket, as was the CIA and the NSA. He made the attorney general picks and nominated Supreme Court justices. He controlled the Justice Department. How quickly, Woodson notes, liberals have forgotten this easily verifiable fact which itself was the consequence of an election. Woodson says of these Lefties, "They are the worst kind of crybaby losers I've ever seen in my life."
Woodson then cuts to a CNN debate hosted by Brooke Baldwin in which Angela Ray debated Trump supporter Steve Cortez, during which Ray spoke of "undocumented" people, that the popular vote is the one that matters, not the Electoral College result, and that the Constitution is a living document. This is the transcript as it aired on Woodson's show.
Cortez: I don't want to relitigate the election. That was largely about the very issue you mentioned, which is illegal immigration, and the people of the United States sided with Donald Trump and with Senator Sessions. I say this as a Latino. And, they decided ...
Ray: Look at the popular vote.
Cortez: No, we don't have a popular vote here. We're a Republic and we have an Electoral College.
Ray: Oh, so okay, we don't have a popular vote?
Cortez: Well, read the Constitution. They decided, via our Electoral College by the way, that the victims are not the illegal aliens, the victims are legal immigrants and Americans. We already decided that as a country and they have a mandate to continue forward ...
Ray: They're people, Steve, and we didn't ...
Cortez: Yes, we did. We won. Are you saying we didn't win?
Ray: No, what I'm saying is that you did not win the popular vote and I don't subscribe to the term 'illegal alien'.
Cortez: Because we don't run for the popular vote.
Ray: 'Undocumented people...'
Cortez: We don't try to win the popular vote. We won the electoral vote and that's how we choose a president.
Ray: OK, congratulations. Nevertheless ...
Cortez: No, you don't congratulate me, congratulate the Constitution. That's our system.
Ray: Steve, the point is ... there's a whole argument that's existed for centuries about this strict Constitutional nature or strict constructionalist nature of the Constitution. We don't have time to go into that now, but there are people who believe that the Constitution is actually a living and breathing document, and sometimes it requires a change.
Cortez: Okay, well, we don't believe that. We just won based on those principles. But who cares what I believe, the American people voted us in based on those principles of strict constructionism, and I think that's going to be one of the reasons why Senator Sessions will be a great Attorney General. He's going to uphold the Bill of Rights, which has been under attack.
As Woodson observed, Cortez couldn't get away with saying 'illegal aliens' because "that's like the new n-word". I agree with Woodson in asserting that the Constitution "is dead, it's not living and breathing, it's dead". Because liberals and the Obama administration have killed it. Not that we can't bring it back to life though. And we have names for those people "who believe that the Constitution is actually a living and breathing document": They're morons, idiots, cretins, brainwashed rubes, douchebags and douchettes. That's who believes that the Constitution is "living and breathing" and shouldn't be interpreted via a "strict constructionist nature."
The Constitution is the best document that has ever been written by a fledgling government to ensure equality and liberty and it does not need to be constantly fiddled with, or else, what's the point in having it? Well, none, quite frankly, and that is exactly the goal of liberals: to be rid of it so that We the People have nothing to fall back on and their redistributionist tyranny cannot be overruled or overturned. The Left does not desire a "living and breathing" Constitution, they want it defunct, ripped to shreds, dead and buried forevermore. You stand a much greater chance at bottling unicorn or gryphon farts than you do meeting a Constitutionalist Leftie, the ultimate oxymoron.
And, I have to say: Where does Angela Ray get "centuries" of debate regarding constructionalism from? Decades, perhaps. Also, as has been pointed out already by many, if you remove all the dead people who voted, the multiple voting and the votes of illegal aliens, Trump would have won the popular vote in addition to the Electoral College. It's a fact, libtards, not that it means anything to you.
Let's end this entry with a quote from Dan Bongino, from his podcast episode, "The Left is Throwing a Temper-Tantrum while the Right is Winning Elections":
The Democrats, over the course of 2010 to where we are now in 2016, have been completely wiped out at the local level. That is because people on the Right that go out and protest do it respectfully, for instance, they left the Washington Mall cleaner than when they got there. There was no violence, nobody was getting beaten up, we didn't break any store windows, because we know how to install and make change through a movement
All you know how to do on the Left is whine and throw a temper-tantrum. Pay no mind to them. Don't let them influence your decision-making at all, because it doesn't matter. It's just a temper-tantrum. They're not voting, they're not going to register to vote, it is just a temper-tantrum for attention. It will have no meaningful effect on the electorate at all. 
We've already been through Occupy Wall Street, we've already been through Black Lives Matter, we've been through a number of these Democratic-sponsored, George Soros-type movements, and do you know what it's led to? A rout at every single level of government over the course of the last six years.
Hey, liberals, the ball's in your court in terms of how the country will heal and come together. It's up to you to decide how grown up you want to be about the election, the new President and how you regard your fellow countrymen going forward. Keep pulling character assassinations on us and those people who we embrace. You'll never win another election again.